Tapas at the Black Sombrero

Writing is - fairly obviously - a solitary job. That's why the other part of a writer's job - getting out and meeting readers and booksellers and talking to the media - is a perfect counterweight. I recently toured around Brisbane and Noosa speaking at libraries and had a great time, not least because I was reminded how much I LOVE libraries. When I was a kid, my parents would take me to Gosford library once a fortnight and we'd carry home a great haul of books. Such riches!  

I really enjoyed meeting the booksellers who kindly came the talks, including Stephanie from the Angus & Robertson stores at Victoria Point and Ipswich, and Annie from Annie's Books on Peregian. Booksellers are possibly my favourite people to chat to about books. They are so passionate and informed and widely read. 

Later this month I'll be talking - over drinks and tapas - at an event organised by the lovely Book Warehouse in Lismore. If you live locally, I'd love to see you at the Black Sombrero on Thursday evening 23 July.  I'll be talking about the nuts and bolts of my writing process, how I manage the doubt that inevitably arises, and I'll debate some of the moral quandaries in my novel 'His Other House'.  Tickets are from The Book Warehouse. (02) 6621 4204.